Why Use Angular Js For Web Development?

Today, every organization wants to make an impact through online platforms. This happens when the business owner has a reliable and efficient website that provides the best user experience and features. However, since there are many options available for Web application development on the market, choosing among them is always a problem.

Business owners often confuse the different frameworks available for web application development on the market. One of the best frameworks in the market is AngularJS web development. The powerful features of Angular can help companies meet a wide range of business development needs, and people must know how to implement Angular development best practices to achieve the desired results.

What is Angular or Angular JS?

AngularJs Why Use Angular Js For Web Development?

AngularJS is nothing more than a structural framework, and application development companies use it to create dynamic web applications. It enables developers to use HTML as a template language and also enables them to extend HTML syntax to express application components clearly and precisely. Basically, AngularJs is a framework, and HTML is originally used to build applications. Some general features of the frameworks of AngularJS web development are as follows:

    • AngularJs is a technology that gives developers the option to write client applications in a clean MVC (Model View Controller) way using JavaScript.
    • It is a powerful framework that helps create Rich Internet Applications (RIA).
    • Applications written with AngularJs are compatible with all browsers.
    • AngularJs is an open-source framework with completely free features. The framework is licensed by Apache version 2.0.

Overall, AngularJS web development allows developers to create large-scale, easy-to-maintain, and high-performance web applications.

Why Should You Use AngularJS Web Development?

Many companies offer AngularJS development services, so we need to be wise to choose from the lot. Let’s get down to business and consider why AngularJs web development is a good idea. Some of the top reasons behind selecting AngularJs for web development:

Angular Js Web Development

1) Google Support:

AngularJs is a framework designed and maintained by a tech colossus named Google. It is known as one of the best and most aggregated AngularJs framework for application development team members’ best practices. Many of them prefer to use AngularJs to develop Web application projects.

Google’s web toolkit allows you to create a simple and easy-to-use application. AngularJs was developed when most application developers started using technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 as back-end and front-end languages. In addition, Google’s service providers also provide comprehensive security guarantees for users of the AngularJs web development framework.


2) Automatic synchronization with two-way data binding

One of the coolest features of AngularJS is its bi-directional data-binding potential. It synchronizes data between the Model and the View in real-time. As a result, whenever data is edited or changed, these two components are updated in real-time.

Otherwise, developers would have to make those modifications manually, which would take more time and effort. There are also many AngularJS development tools available. This feature can help developers save a lot of development time and simplify the process of making application changes for them. When there are browser events, user operations, and module changes in the framework, the necessary modes will be updated effectively.

Developers don’t need to save links to DOM elements and use them immediately. It does not need to use a low-level structure. The result is described in the state element of the Model. That is why AngularJS web development is a good option.


3) Simple MVC Architecture

AngularJS supports MVC architecture. This becomes the main benefit of the AngularJS framework for developers because they can create web applications more easily and faster.

Developers have become more capable of creating powerful interactive Web applications. AngularJS for web development automates data synchronization and therefore requires less effort.

To implement the MVC architecture, developers must add applications to components. AngularJS will execute the rest of the process. MVC stands for Model View Controller, which means:

  • model supports data
  • view processing data display
  • the controller acts as a bridge to maintain the connection between the View and the Model.

4) Easy Usage

AngularJS has many properties that can help developers complete their projects while writing less code to save developers time and effort. This gives them more time to implement the application. It supports the MVC architecture. Developers do not have to use the getter and setter functions to apply the data model. Other computers can process instructions because they are not included in the application code.


5) Code reuse and consistency 

Code consistency is the foundation for a successful development environment. Angular CLI (command line interface) and the documentation style guide promote consistency at the pioneer level. The Angular CLI tool allows Angular developers to create starter projects, test, and integrate multiple functions into the same project, keeping the entire team on the same page.

Also, using AngularJS requires relatively little time and effort because you can reuse code and simplify the development process. Additionally, it also enables developers to pack more features with shorter code so that development teams working on consecutive similar projects are productive.


6) SPA Features Oriented 

SPA and AngularJ complement each other. For example, AngularJs provides different forms of verification functions. If the web page uses forms, FormController will help write its state. Using this data, developers can easily change the behavior of HTML elements in the user interface. In addition, AngularJs web development comes with built-in validations that can help handle and track errors and allow validations to be created when needed.


7) Client-side solution 

AngularJS can run on the client-side. It also provides compatibility with the desktop and mobile browsers. Since developers do not need to make back-end modifications, it can be used for various projects. Therefore, the interface development of any application is fully guaranteed by AngularJS. For this, there are also many angular component libraries available.


8) Similar to JavaScript 

Like JavaScript, AngularJS can generate a fluent interface, which is easy for web developers who understand JavaScript. When developers implement AngularJS to build web applications, no external frameworks or plugins are needed.


9)Efficient use of filters 

AngularJs has a filtered catalog, which provides developers with many filters, such as numbers, currency, uppercase, date, and sorting basis.

If developers want more filters, they can create them by registering a new filter factory. This process is fast and time-consuming.


10) Allows the creation of new modules 

AngularJS Web development allows developers to generate many modules for a single application. Each of these modules is dependent on each other, and developers can attach them to make the entire application work. This intelligent framework recognizes when a new module needs to be created by itself and can then attach it to an existing application module.


11) Default Ivy renderer

Features of the new Angular engine include greatly optimized bundle sizes and faster component loading. Enterprises may obtain unrivaled code debugging and a user-friendly app experience with Ivy renderer. Furthermore, it makes the framework more accessible and establishes an instance by lowering file sizes, resulting in a feature-rich platform for app development.


12) Declarative UI

When compared to JavaScript, the Angular framework makes use of HTML, which is a simpler language. HTML is also popular because it is a declarative and intuitive language that avoids the need to spend a lot of time thinking about program flows and deciding what should be loaded first. All that is required of Angular developers is to map out what is required, and the framework will take care of the rest.


13) Bug fixes

There have been a number of bug patches in the latest Angular version, as well as difficulties with the compiler, route, core, service workers, modules, and others. Another bug patch guarantees that modules affected by TestBed commands are properly identified.


14) Dependency Injection

An object that provides the reliance of another object is referred to as Dependency Injection. Such dependencies show how distinct components are linked together and how changes in one part of the code affect other parts. Adopting dependency injectors, on the one hand, makes code more maintainable and readable. It may drastically minimize the amount of time spent on unit testing and mocks, and as a result, it can save you a lot of money.


15) Command-line Interface (CLI)

It is likely the framework’s most notable feature. It automates the entire development process, produces an optimizer, and makes app configuration and initialization as straightforward as possible. This allows you to create a new Angular program, add functionality to it, and run end-to-end tests with only a few simple instructions. It improves code quality and makes Angular development more easier.


16) Ahead-of-time compiler

Angular applications use the AOT compiler to convert HTML, ES6, and Typescript into JavaScript during development. This means that your web app’s codebase is assembled before the browser runs it. In comparison to a just-in-time (JIT) compiler, an AOT compiler is more secure.


17) Intensive Documentation

Angular comes with extensive documentation that developers may use to find out everything they need to know. As a result, they will be able to provide technical clarification and fix any issues that arise swiftly.


AngularJS Web development has the ability to obtain DOM (Document Object Model) operations and can add element features, jQuery, and JavaScript to practice internal HTML. Therefore, compared to other frameworks, web applications load faster. Angular provides several benefits for developers, which is the main reason why some of the best companies in the world use this tool in their projects. YouTube, Crunchbase, Blispay, Udacity, Google Cloud are some of the giants using this powerful framework.