Are you still building your website in ignorance of WordPress software? Then, you are making a great mistake! A little research over the benefits of using WordPress to build a website proved that the best tool for building websites in the world today is the WordPress app! As a beginner the first question may arise in your mind that, “What is WordPress?” And the next question will still be, “How is it related to Information Technology, IT?” Well, at its hub, WordPress could be defined as the simplest and the most acceptable technique of creating your site or blog. But, on a somewhat more advanced level, WordPress could be defined as “an open-source-content management system,” licensed under GPLv2, which enables easy and general usage. Everyone can use it. The WordPress software is free of charge. The content management system refers to a tool that makes the management of vital parts of your web-like content easy. You don’t need to know anything regarding programming before you could do this!

And coming to its relationship with IT services, WordPress powers more than 40% of all global webs on the net! In fact, out of four websites, you’ll see at least two that are being powered by WordPress. The outcome is that building a site is easily accessible to you through WordPress. In a nutshell, we can say that WordPress enables people who are not developers to boost their site’s visibility!

What are the features of WordPress?

WordPress or WP is a free & open-source (CMS)-content management system written in PHP and paired with MariaDB or MySQL database! It has the following features:

The Features include:


WordPress’s plugin structure enables the customer to extend the site’s or blog’s functionality and features. Since January 2021, WordPress.org features 58,164 plugins! Each provides custom functions as well as features that allow users to manage or tailor their websites according to their exact needs. Furthermore, this doesn’t include about 1,500 premium plugins available that are not shown on the WordPress.org store. These customizations begin from SEO – search engine optimization to clients portals for displaying private data, to logged-in customers, to content management systems, and finally to content displaying features (navigation, widgets).

The WordPress themes

WordPress users install and switch among various themes. Themes enable a user to modify their WordPress site’s outlook and functionality without changing its core code or web content. Every WordPress site needs more than a theme present on it, and each theme must be designed with PHP, valid HyperText Markup Language-(HTML), and CSS-Cascading Style Sheets. They are the acceptable WordPress standards for such design. Themes are directly installed with a WordPress “Appearance” administration instrument in a dashboard. You may also copy a theme folder directly into a theme directory like FTP.

Other Application of WordPress

WordPress was formally created for blog publishing. However, it has evolved into software to support other website content types such as:

WordPress currently is utilized by over 60 million websites, plus 39 percent of the 10 million world websites since January 2021. They have discovered that it is a top content management system for all solutions. WordPress helps in other app domains, like the pervasive display system (PDS).

Mobile applications for WordPress

Phone applications for WordPress are in existence for webOS, Android, iOS-like iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The app is also available for Blackberry and Window Phone. These Auto-designed Apps have options like; add new blog posts & pages, comment, moderate comments, reply to comments and view the stats.

WordPress integrated link management.

The WordPress functions are integrated with the link manager. It is a search engine-friendly, neat permalink structure, which can assign many categories to posts, as well as offer assistance for tagging posts. It offers automatic filters, provides standardized formatting with text styling in posts. WordPress boosts the pingback and trackback standards when displaying links to another website that has already linked itself to an article or post. WordPress posts are easily edited in HTML, with the use of a visual editor or plugins that are compatible with different customized editing functions. 

What Kinds Of Websites Can WordPress Make?

In the years past, WordPress was a tool for creating blogs only. It was not related to the building of websites. However, the story is very different now, all thanks to the changes into the “core code” and WordPress ecosystem of themes and plugins! Now, you could create any form of website using WordPress. For example, WordPress can not only provide power to millions of business websites and blogs, but it is also the most powerful way to create an e-commerce store! Using WordPress, one can easily create:

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What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

Whenever people say “WordPress,” bet me, they’re referring to self-hosted WordPress at WordPress.org. Therefore, it’s great to differentiate between WordPress.com and WordPress.org for a better understanding of the relationship between them. Thus, if you truly want your website, the best option could be the self-hosted WordPress.org! 

Their definitions below will convince you to make a better option of what you want too! Here we go!

WordPress.org, or sometimes known as self-hosted WordPress, refers to a free-of-charge and open-source WordPress software. Here, a user can install this software on his or her website host to form a site that is 100% his or her own!

WordPress.com is specifically for profit-making. It is a paid service powered by WordPress.org software. WordPress.com is very easy to use. However, you stand to lose the high flexibility of a self-hosted WordPress.

Who developed WordPress? 

WordPress, as an-open-source software, is currently powered by numerous sets of people or contributors. However, tracing the root of WordPress to its original creation, one could say the invention was a result of the collaboration between Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg.

Over the years, Matt Mullenweg has been the popular face of WordPress! He is also the great initiator of Automattic, the organization behind WordPress.com services.

How long has WordPress been around?

WordPress has stayed as the standalone project since 2003, as it originated as an offshoot of b2/catalog, a former project. Its history falls between the founding, where it was referred to as the blog platform in 2003. Today, it has come a long way to being one of the top popularly known software for building websites! You can grow your traffic to 1,200% and more with WordPress has pushed the world forward, all thanks to the contributors and the community as well who have developed this top solution to creating any kind of website!

Who needs WordPress?

WordPress is applicable in individual businesses, big businesses, as well as anyone in between! We all are free to use WordPress! The sites you’re always looking at are powered through WordPress. Global and the most popular entities use WordPress too. Below are some notable examples of WordPress users.

Whitehouse.gov: The official and popular Whitehouse.gov.website use WordPress.

Microsoft: is powered by WordPress for its official blogs. It also utilizes WordPress to activate blogs for special products such as Windows & Skype.

The Rolling Stones website “famous love bands use WordPress! This site is powered wholly by WordPress.

Why Should I Use WordPress?

Still in doubt? Ok! Check this out! If more than 40% of the sites on the net are utilizing WordPress, doesn’t it prove how important it is? Also, if almost all well-known companies such as White House.gov and Microsoft love using it, what stops you from benefiting from WordPress?

Well, not minding the type of site you’re seeking to create, numerous reasons are there for using WordPress too. Below are some top reasons for using WordPress!

Ease of use for website management

WordPress is very easy to use in building your website. You don’t need to be an expert developer before you could use its features of plugins and themes. Just manage your site from a computer with WordPress. It is compatible with many gadgets. There is no need for HTML editing or FTP software.

Search engine loves WordPress

You can benefit more from SEO optimization features when you integrate WordPress apps. The site design is solely customized, and you have absolute control of the site too. Furthermore, a blog is built in there already, and you’re good to go! 

WordPress Is Free

WordPress enables free of use, and it is an open-source software! You could only pay a little fee for hosting. You’ll never pay anything for using WordPress software, is that not better when you compare this with alternative software?

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Open Source benefits

Notwithstanding the aspect of free use, you can still avail the benefits of open-source plugins as well as themes. This could change how the site structure and functions.

WordPress Is Extensible

WordPress is extensible to the extent that a beginner without the knowledge of a developer can easily change his or her website through WordPress’s ecosystem of plugins and themes. 

The theme changes how your site looks, and Plugins primarily modify the website’s functioning. Plugins are very small, like the contact form, or big like developing an e-commerce shop. Presently, there’s more than 50,000 free of charge WordPress plugins with over 5,000 free WordPress themes! Also, you have thousands of premium options to chose from!

Installation is easy

WordPress Is very simple to Install. You don’t need to be a top tech expert or a genius to build your site! If you know how to click a few tabs, then the action is over! You just installed WordPress on that website!

Nowadays, top websites host either:

WordPress Is Very Flexible

Do you know that WordPress is so great that it allows you to create more than any other website? Better still, you could make your site evolve with you through WordPress! You can add a forum to the existing WordPress site by installing the plugin. Also, if you want to introduce a social network, Just utilize the plugin too.

WordPress's assistance is Easy.

To help you run out of such a problem for free. Then there is paid help also if you ever need one.

What's The Best Way To Build my Website?

If you need to build your website, any type of site, from a blog to an e-commerce store, don’t hesitate to use WordPress as a great option. It is as easy as ABC but more useful than any other tool for this purpose. Just don’t forget that self-hosted WordPress.org differs from WordPress.com when you’re considering building your website. Always know that self-hosted WordPress.org will be the most useful tool for you to build the website. The self-hosted WordPress.org will give you the right to ownership and access to the whole perks as well as all available benefits of the WordPress community.

Why you shouldn't use WordPress

Millions of people make use of WordPress in website creation on a daily basis. Thus, all sites are similar-looking structures and otherwise! Now, once a bug finds its way into the security of any site through its security flaws, hundreds of websites will be in trouble! Therefore, the use of similar techniques makes users vulnerable targets.

How can I use WordPress more securely?

For you to get started with “self-hosted WordPress,” buy web hosting and a domain name! Then, WordPress is very safe to use as long as you take your site security seriously! It is very easy to do by following simple instructions on best practices. These best practices include;

Can WordPress experience hack?

Why not? All important websites experience hacking as they are popular targets of hackers. They are always seeking their vulnerability to try hacking attempts on them. And as the top site, you must be cautious in using it. Now that you’re aware, you can adhere to instructions on the safe application of WordPress!

Can WordPress build professional websites?

Yes, it is an interesting platform for building top professional sites. It will manage your content as well as give you great creative control. All these are at low cost, which is mainly on its hosting. Other small costs include themes, domains cost, and plugins.

How does WordPress make its money?

The WordPress foundation is not for profit-making. However, some users make little donations, as well as some organizations that use WordPress.

How do I know when my website is hacked?

Here are several popular signs showing that your website has been hacked

How will I secure my site using WordPress?

If you are already in the system, I am sure you have known that security here is vital. But, if you are just a beginner, follow these steps to secure your site while using WordPress;


The top brands of the world today use WordPress in building, managing, and customizing their websites! You can see their numerous reasons for making WordPress their ultimate choice. You can have all these benefits here and lots more if you decide to use WordPress today. There is no cause for alarm over security issues if you could only follow the stipulated principles given to you. WordPress is the best builder of websites, and we can assure you that it is tested and proven ok amongst others and at free! So, if you’ve been searching for the best sites builder, search no more! Just integrate WordPress, and we assure you that you’ll never be disappointed. Get started today to build and make your website the best in the internet marketplace!