Travel Booking - Case Study


Difficulty faced by Customer:

The client’s website was its principal source of revenue. We discovered that the client was overly focused on the internet channel, resulting in a comprehensive offline strategy. On the other hand, customers used the offline channel to submit queries via phone calls, faxes, and white mails. In addition, the client’s contact centre had a significant variation in call distribution. This resulted in a decrease in revenue and market share. The client needs assistance in developing a plan to close the gap.


    • Increase organic sales & traffic.


    • Created a responsive WordPress site & mobile-friendly user website.

    • Implemented single keyword ad groups in each campaign to ensure as much control and visibility as possible.

    • Put in place SEO techniques to achieve higher rankings in local search results.

    • Manage a Pay Per Click campaign for an immediate boost in search.

    • Design a website that’s not only beautiful, but more importantly, able to measurably drive leads, sales, and deeper engagement.

    • Write copy that’s SEO optimized and speaks to the heart of buyer motivations.

    • Began an accurate process of A/B testing various elements to winning design.

    • Provide regular detailed reports for full transparency into performance.

    • Ensure the site is “responsive,” so it displays properly on any size screen or device.

OutComes by Solution:

We increased travel portal bookings from 10/day to 75/day within 1.5 months with our services.

    • 5x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) at the peak of the campaign

    • 20% increase in app reviews

    • 2M+ impressions globally

    • 35% increased in (CTR) over previous campaigns