Top 10 Web Development IDEs

An IDE(integrated development environment) is software that integrates the basic tools needed to test and write software. If there are no IDEs, developers will have to select and manage all these tools separately, but the IDE integrates all these tools into one framework or service.

We are all aware that the world of web development is continually evolving. Needless to say, an IDE aids in the precision and speed of a web developer’s work. There are a lot of web development IDEs out there currently, and they’re only getting bigger.

In this guide, we will introduce you to the top 10 best IDEs for web development options, including feature-rich support for multiple coding languages. But before we start, let us answer a common question “What is an IDE?” In more detail, and how to choose the IDEs that best suits your specific web development needs.

Let’s Dig into it.

What is an IDEs?

Starting from shell scripting and command-line coding, we have made great strides in today’s development environment. An integrated development environment (IDE) is a type of software that can be loaded onto a computer. They are designed to simplify the web development process. Today, all the heavy work is done by IDE or an integrated development environment. Until now, who developed the first IDE for a web development company or for the public is still controversial. Since then, IDEs have been built for every existing language, including Java, JavaScript, and HTML.

IDE includes the following main functions: 

    • Text Editor: IDE is a text editor, which includes several other specific functions. 
    • Compiler or interpreter: a built-in program that translates your code into a computer-readable language. This allows your code to run, which is called running your script. The interpreter is the included program. Its purpose is to execute code without having to compile it first. 
    • Build or Make Integration: Includes methods to automate necessary processes. 
    • Debugger: a bundled program to test your code for errors so that you can fix them. 
    • Syntax highlighter: Some codes are displayed in colours corresponding to different elements, such as attributes, tags, attributes, and all other content. This helps make your code easier to visually scan and see where you made little mistakes, like forgetting to close tags. 
    • Graphical User Interface (GUI): This is a human-readable screen that is easy to navigate and complete tasks. It can include buttons, menus, and other similar items, not just Text and options for entering text commands. 
    • Other Possible Features: Many IDEs develop and include new features that other IDEs may not provide. 

Check out the finest web development IDEs below and make a note of the features that you’re looking for.


10 of the Best Web Development IDEs:

The following list of the top 10 web development IDEs is the result of countless hours of research. We hope it will guide you in your search for the ideal IDEs.

Web Development IDE

Visual Studio Code

One of the web development IDE is Visual Studio Code, which is often considered the most used text editor by developers. It is considered the most used text editor in the State Of JavaScript. Visual Studio Code IDE is available for Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. Visual Studio Code was developed by Microsoft and was rated as the most popular editor on StackOverflow. VS Code is easy to use and speeds up the coding process, and it’s packed with a strong community and support.

Visual Studio Code Top 10 Web Development IDEs

Top Features:

    • Intellisense enabled autocomplete.
    • Integrating with GitHub.
    • Imported Modules.
    • Great in-built templates.
    • Wide theme selections.
    • Version control system enabled.
    • Integrated tools for testing the code.


WebStorm is a highly popular web development IDE for developing high-end web applications, allowing developers to use all the functions of the JavaScript ecosystem. With it, you can experience smart code compilation, ultra-fast error detection, powerful navigation, and popular framework refactoring. WebStorm is developed by JetBrains and has become a popular choice for developers due to its extensive language support, ease of use, and powerful built-in features. WebStorm is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and supports various web programming languages, including back-end languages.

WebStorm Top 10 Web Development IDEs

Top Features:

    • In-built debugger support.
    • Integration with Git.
    • In-built testing capabilities.
    • Examine the result to provide the best code compilation results.
    • Syntax error detection.
    • Precocious coding assistance for better code development in new web frameworks such as React, Vue, etc.
    • Integration with Mercurial.
    • Powerful, customizable features.
    • Huge plugin support.
    • Provides good templates.


Eclipse is a free web development IDE that can be used for web development as well as other computer projects. Eclipse is a popular pick among people of all ages, and it has a lot of features. You may simply combine multiple language support and other features into any of Eclipse’s preset packages, and the Eclipse Marketplace allows for nearly unlimited customization and extension.

Eclipse Top 10 Web Development IDEs

Top Features:

    • An in-built debugger is available.
    • Integration with Git is available.
    • Tremendous plugin support to extend the functionalities.
    • Contains a fast compiler within.
    • Good programming language support.


Brackets is a very lightweight and fast web development IDE, which is essentially a source code editor. I have worked on Brackets for a few years and found that it is the only IDE created specifically for web developers. Brackets are highly compatible with plugins and are completely free to use. Adobe Systems’ open-source software can help you create code for all web programming languages, including Perl, Ruby, Python, etc.

Brackets Top 10 Web Development IDEs

Top Features:

    • Live preview window for the live output.
    • Support for the preprocessor.
    • Tons of plugin support.
    • In-built JavaScript debugger.
    • Quick-Edit features enabled.
    • Includes code-folding and syntax highlighting.
    • Allows collaborative performance on the code for multiple developers.
    • Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
    • Highly guarded plugin system to prevent malicious activities.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a premium web development IDE that is quite popular among today’s developers. Sublime Text is a fast text editor that integrates with a variety of tools and supports Python, C, and all web programming languages. Sublime Text has excellent plugin support to expand the editor’s capabilities. It supports a wide number of programming languages as a shareware cross-platform source code editor.

Sublime Text Top 10 Web Development IDEs

Top Features:

    • Autocomplete and suggestions provided in-built.
    • The command palette allows keyboard invocations.
    • Highly customizable editor.
    • Go-To feature to quickly navigate between files.
    • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.
    • Huge plugin repository for every need.


Atom by GitHub, also know as Atom, is a popular web development IDE created by the GitHub community. It is essentially a desktop application built on web technology. As a product of the most popular collaborative development platform, Atom has broad community support for listening and processing feedback. Atom has great features, and it is my favourite web development tool because it is a free and open-source text editor. It’s available on Windows, Linux, and macOS and has a huge package repository to meet the needs of developers.

Atom Top 10 Web Development IDEs

Top Features:

    • Free to use and open-source.
    • Ease of use with excellent navigation UI.
    • A large number of packages are available for every need.
    • Collaborative support for multiple developers.
    • In-built auto-complete and suggestion feature.


XCode is a tool-rich IDE for web development and other purposes. It is only available for Mac operating systems. XCode can be fully integrated with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, allowing users to create operating system tools. Apple Inc. recently released its updated stable version of IDE 12.1 on October 20, 2020. The command-line tool (CLT) included in XCode allows UNIX-style development through macOS terminal applications.

Xcode Top 10 Web Development IDEs

Top Features:

    • Takes advantage of the LLVM compiler.
    • The command-line tool is available for testing.
    • Smart analyzer to analyze the code.
    • It contains an interface builder.
    • Includes a lot of tools for web development.

AWS Cloud9

A cloud-based web development IDE, also known as AWS cloud9 owned by AWS or Amazon. AWS Cloud9 only runs through an AWS account, so if you are not an AWS customer, you will not be able to use cloud9. Since AWS Cloud9 is a cloud-based editor, it cannot be provided as a native application that runs on your system and requires an internet connection for the entire coding session. This also avoids compatibility issues because the IDE only needs a browser to run.

AWS cloud9 Top 10 Web Development IDEs

Top Features:

    • Automatic code completion capabilities.
    • In-built real-time language analysis.
    • Plugins support is available.
    • A collaborative environment is available.
    • In-built debugger.
    • Customizable options are available.
    • In-built terminal supporting UNIX like commands for the developer.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ is primarily designed for the Java programming language and is one of the best IDE for web development. IntelliJ has excellent support for plugins and web development languages ​​(such as HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python, etc.). IntelliJ is a powerful integrated development environment with built-in developer assistance tools and strong community support to help you when you encounter difficulties.

Intellij Idea Top 10 Web Development IDEs

Top Features:

    • Integration with Git for better code development.
    • Maintains the program flow.
    • Server deployment tools are integrated.
    • In-built duplicate code analyzer.
    • Suggestion and auto-complete integrated in-built.
    • Comes with the database editor.
    • Multiple build system support.
    • Huge language and environment support.


NetBeans is a free integrated development environment that supports multiple programming languages. It has been in use since 1997 and has been expanded in all directions. NetBeans supports 28 languages, making it very popular in non-English speaking countries. In addition to web development languages, it can also be used in C, C ++, and Java and then can be run on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Solaris. Another benefit of using this IDE is that third-party developers can also extend NetBeans-based applications.

NetBeans Top 10 Web Development IDEs

Top Features:

    • In-built code refactoring.
    • Available in Windows, Linux, and macOS.
    • Rich plugin support.
    • In-built source code highlighting.
    • Easy navigation of projects to work on multiple tasks simultaneously.
    • Provides a drag-and-drop facility for rapid code development.
    • In-built integrated debugger.

Wrap up:

All of the above-mentioned web development IDEs have substantial capabilities, and the most of them are free. These IDEs can help you save time and enhance your coding skills if you’re a software or web developer. Even if you need to employ paid ones for your web development needs, you’ll find that they’re extremely cost-effective.