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Being a teacher in one of the reputed schools, our client observed the difficulty in maths operations. So he decided to make a Calculator…

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Quiz Master

As per the client’s request, we need to develop a complicated algorithm that allows students to assess their degree of knowledge in their subject…

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The client required a custom mobile app that can locate a nearby restaurant or food court using the user’s current location. A client does…

Success Story!!


Law Firm

One of our clients, who runs a legal firm, was having issues with his website’s online presence and was looking for someone to help him change the look of his site, enhance site traffic, and provide SEO services.

Music App

Music App

Our client approached us with a requirement to boost the number of app users and was having issues with the user interface due to the abundance of music apps available of the same type on the App Store.

Online download

Gaming Installation

One of our clients, who has a game on the App Store, was having problems with the user interface, and the App wasn't getting as many downloads as the owner expected due to the abundance of games of the same type on the App Store.


Travel Booking

The client's website was its principal source of revenue. We discovered that the client was overly focused on the internet channel, resulting in a comprehensive offline strategy.


Apparel Brand

Our client approached us with the requirement to increase its sales. Their primary business could not drive any traffic to their online store.

Fiber product

Fiber Product

Our client owns the finest natural fibre product, including clothes, home decor, etc., based in the UK. They want to expand their business into the digital world.