Music App - Case Study

Music App

Difficulty faced by Customer:

Our client approached us with a requirement to boost the number of app users and was having issues with the user interface due to the abundance of music apps available of the same type on the App Store.

In view of this, the brief provided by the client was to:

  • Obtain positive app ratings and reviews.

  • Organically increase the number of individuals who download your App.

  • Increase the brand’s overall visibility.


    • Increase organic App’s store visitors & installation.

    • Better user interface.

    • Achieving higher rankings for apps.


  • Analyzed & optimized the App for a better user experience.

  • Encouraged user reviews.

  • App has been tested to ensure it is free of crashes.

  • Motivated users to make referrals.

  • Optimized Google Ad Campaigns

  • Revamped Facebook Ads Strategy

  • Created 250+ ad variations for localized campaigns

  • Made app store optimization a priority.

  • Prepared Referral programs to encourage reviews.

  • Prepared push notification technique.

  • Wrote compelling ad copy that highlights key benefits, attracts & engages with music lovers.

  • Found local talent for localized ad campaigns

  • Before moving to boost app downloads, we made sure that the App was working properly on all the platforms so that users could have a better experience.

  • Created ad copy on “Millions of songs in your fingertips”, “Put your headphones on and relax”, and so more in different languages to convey messages around the world speedy.

  • Approached local talent (influencers) to promote App.

  • Took full advantage of Facebook’s oCPM function

  • Implemented remarketing campaigns.

OutComes by Solution:

We created the viral campaign for the music app & engaged 1M+ users within 5 months.

  • 3x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) at the peak of the campaign

  • 110% increase in app downloads

  • 1M+ new users globally in 5 months

  • 2M+ impressions globally

  • 45% increased in (CTR) over previous campaigns