Law Firm - Case Study

Law Firm

Difficulty faced by Customer:

One of our clients, who runs a legal firm, was having issues with his website’s online presence and was looking for someone to help him change the look of his site, enhance site traffic, and provide SEO services.

The main challenge was:

    • The website was difficult to navigate.

    • The outward aspect was ineffective.

    • There are no rankings in SERPs.

    • There was a lack of engagement and traffic.


    • Increase conversion rate from 25%.
    • Convert highly qualified leads.
    • Make ad spending valuable.


Our team collaborated with the client to create a responsive WordPress site that will look great on any desktop, mobile device, or tablet. Also, assist the client with SEO services by providing the following assistance:

      • Create search engine optimization techniques to improve the company’s ranks.

      • Make a list of SEO keywords to include on the company’s website and in marketing materials.

      • Set measurable marketing goals that indicate how far you’ve come.

      • To get a better idea of the SEO strategy’s performance, track daily performance indicators.

      • Create compelling and high-quality website content, such as page descriptions.

      • For best optimization and search engine rankings, update content and website links.

      • Improve the law firm’s online visibility through SEO and paid search, resulting in more online conversions.

      • Make data-driven judgments after analyzing trends.

      • Writing engaging copy for adverts.

      • Making creative suggestions for advert templates.

      • Producing detailed analysis and reports of campaigns.

      • Throughout the campaigns, we employed manual bidding tactics so that we could minimize CPC to the cent.

OutComes by Solution:

By simply reworking the campaigns with careful, well-executed strategy, we were able to reach the magic triangle of PPC swiftly:

    • CTR increased.

    • Conversions increased.

    • Cost-per-conversion decreased.

Which impacted in increasing site visitors by 10% to 70% and helped them increase the following in less than 9 months:

    • Search Traffic +331.50%.

    • Referral Traffic +389.77%.

    • Online Leads +180.50%.