Gaming Installation - Case Study

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Difficulty faced by Customer:

One of our clients, who has a game on the App Store, was having problems with the user interface, and the App wasn’t getting as many downloads as the owner expected due to the abundance of games of the same type on the App Store.

In view of this, the brief provided by the client was to:

    • Obtain positive app ratings and reviews.

    • Increase the rating of highly competitive keywords.

    • Organically increase the number of individuals who download your App.

    • Create hyperlinks, even if they are limited in scope, to help the App be discovered sooner.

    • Obtain measurable audience participation.

    • Increase your brand’s overall visibility.


    • Increase organic App’s store visitors & installation.

    • Better user interface.

    • Achieving higher rankings for apps. 


Making it easier for the App to be found by targeted users:

1) Increasing Engagement: Inbound Strategies

    • Based on discovered keywords, optimized app name or title, short description, and long description.

    • Creating deep links from the respective website pages to the mobile app screens.

    • The App’s size has been reduced to make it easier to download on mobile devices.

    • Reduced the length of the promotional film so that the user could get more information in less time.

    • To gradually raise the likelihood of conversion, use ‘Word Phrases’ and ‘More Descriptive Phrases.’

    • Improving the App’s user design to make it easier to navigate and increase engagement

2) Providing Right Information: Content Marketing

    • Creation of specific content to address the pain points of users.

    • With an emphasis on creating authentic content which incorporates keywords naturally

    • App directory submissions for link building, both paid and free

    • Answering particular and generic user questions on Quora to create promotional material and increase app awareness.

3) Content Optimization for ASO

    • App Freshness – optimized app content that can actively incorporate user comments, feature enhancements, and technology changes, increasing the likelihood of the App being downloaded.

    • CTR (Click Through Rate) optimization – the thumbnails and images used are optimized on a regular basis. A/B tests each of the app store fields to improve this critical metric.

    • Brand scale – a consistent content refinement to make sure the App receives added relevance

    • App quality – ensuring new and legitimate reviews are added to the App.

    • Considering the importance of the website, which drives a large number of referral visits to the store page and the App downloads area.

    • Increasing the App’s user ratings, reviews, and interaction.

4) The Process Continues

    • Because SEO is a long-term plan, it necessitates continual evaluation, optimization, and testing to keep the momentum going and improve it over time.

    • The results are examined and reviewed regularly.

    • To keep the user informed, quality information is added regularly to meet real-time updates.

OutComes by Solution:

We began by conducting a thorough examination of existing app rankings. Then, keeping the client’s expectations in mind, we devised an all-encompassing approach to combine best ASO practices that impacted escalating game installation from 5% to 38% within a span of 6 months. This is exciting for the client and a drive for us to keep raising the bar.

We increased app reviews by 20% to outperform competitors by providing a fully functional and user-centric ASO experience. As a result, we’re focusing our efforts on increasing traffic and downloads through consistent app awareness and discovery, as well as establishing external app authority and exposure.