Fiber Product- Case Study

Fiber product

Difficulty faced by Customer:

Our client owns the finest natural fibre product, including clothes, home decor, etc., based in the UK. They want to expand their business into the digital world. 

They were looking for someone who could assist them in developing their ecommerce website & help them with the below-mentioned challenges: 

  • Higher volume of conversions but at an affordable CPA.
  • Sales were decreased.
  • Rasing conversion value.

Someone suggested our client about us, & they came to us with the mentioned issues and what to resolve the problem asap. 


The project’s major goal was to set up a series of well-researched ads that would boost revenue while improving ROAS.

In terms of PPC, this may be divided down into the following:

      • Increasing conversion rate, ROAS, and revenue
      • Decreasing bounce rate and cost per conversion.
      • In-depth market research
      • Understanding of the target audience
      • Detailed keyword & competitor research
      • Correct campaign setup
      • Proper campaign management


We designed a strategy based on close collaboration with the Customer:

  • Recognizing their company model, objectives, and requirements
  • Creating both short- and long-term strategies
  • Identifying growth possibilities and matching campaigns with these discoveries
  • Account and campaign performance are reviewed and analyzed regularly.
  • Organizing our efforts in such a way that we may get higher ROAS and income.
  • To overcome these initial inefficiencies would demand re-organizing the account’s campaigns while overhauling the keywords bidding strategies to be more precise.

We focused on Search and Shopping campaigns as the main areas of improvement

The following were the most important KPIs to monitor:

  • ROAS 
  • Conversion rate 
  • Revenue 
  • Conversions.

Based on the criteria & strategies, our team worked towards turning our client’s company account into a successful and efficient paid media channel, using Google Ads & Bing Ads. 

OutComes by Solution:

The following were the most noticeable improvements made within the first 8 months of the project’s launch:

  • Clicks: +19.95%
  • CTR: +85.11%
  • Cost: -35.24%
  • Avg. CPC: -25.11%
  • Conversions: +35.17%
  • Conversion value: +52.30%
  • ROAS: +68.06%