Best Cloud Kitchen Management Software

Streamline your cloud kitchen with an integrated platform that allows you to manage

all of your online orders in one location and run your own branded delivery service!

Multiple outlets can be managed, optimized, and controlled from a single location.

Orders are cooked, packaged, and shipped from a cloud kitchen, which serves as a food manufacturing unit. Cloud kitchens can be set up to make meals in the most efficient way possible, while also ensuring improved quality control.

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Some of the system’s most essential features are listed below. Do you want to suggest a change to the Food Delivery Script? That would be fantastic. Please get in touch with us and let us know what script modification you require.
  • Accept online orders

  • Loaded with power

  • Unlimited restaurants

  • Search engine optimization

  • Merchant dashboard

  • Optimized for mobiles

  • Completely customizable

  • Easy & secure checkout

  • Custom delivery zones

  • Administrator dashboard

User App

  •  Restaurant Profiles
  •  Search By Category
  •  Push Notification
  •  Payment Integration
  •  Order Status
  •  Reviews And Ratings
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Admin Control Panel.

  •  Revenue Management
  •  Zone Tracking
  •  App Updates 
  •  Language Settings
  • Manage Restaurant List
Cloud Kitchen POS System Cloud Kitchen

Technology We use in Application

App Development: Flutter

Backend: Dart

Technology We use in Admin Panel

Framework: Laravel

Front End: CSS, HTML, JS, jQuery

Backend:  PHP and MySQL

Cloud Kitchen Software

Restaurants can also use cloud kitchen inventory management software to collect real-time data and analyze trends over time, which allows them to adjust menu offerings, correct order preparation delays, and tailor marketing efforts accordingly.

Cloud Kitchen Price Table


Price Table

Product / Platform Price (INR Lac)
Android Source Code 0.7
Website Source Code 0.3
Android + Website Source Code 1