Apparel Brand - Case Study


Difficulty faced by Customer:

Our client approached us with the requirement to increase its sales. Their primary business started by selling through many online portals, but the brand could not drive any traffic to their online store.

In view of this, the brief provided by the client was to:

  • Obtain positive app ratings and reviews.

  • Increase the brand’s overall visibility.


    • Increase organic visitors & installation.

    • Better user interface.

    • Achieving higher rankings for apps.


    • Conducted an SEO audit, competitive review, and keyword research to build a cohesive SEO plan that ensures shoppers find Clients websites online.

    • Created and implemented a functional, highly engaging eCommerce website that drives sales quickly, easily, and efficiently.

    • Selected the eCommerce solution that makes the most sense for business needs.

    • Wrote compelling copy that highlights key benefits engages with shoppers and is optimized for search.

    • Made sure the website is “responsive” so all onsite content, images, and functionalities fit properly on the type of device the Customer is using: computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

    • Moved away from the broad keywords and focused more on product-related keywords.

    • Implemented remarketing campaigns.

OutComes by Solution:

Simply put, our ecommerce strategies for an apparel brand have yielded incredible results.

When we took over, the clothing brand’s ROAS was practically non-existent. The clothing brand’s ROAS rose by 5X+ in the first six months. It’s become better and more effective month after month since then, like a knife sharpening over time.

Store’s monthly sales increased from a modest 50k in the first month to just shy of INR 2.5 lakhs in the sixth month thanks to our very efficient marketing approach. The effect of our services came naturally, and here is what happened:

    • 450% increase in sales

    • 55% increase in online store sessions

    • 195% increase in returning customer rate